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Services for Attorneys and Judges

Does your client need the experience and expertise only an estate and trust CPA firm can bring? We work with many attorneys to provide guidance and unique skills that will compliment the work you're doing on behalf of your client.

Estate and Trust

We are experts at developing comprehensive estate and trust plans that address business continuation, wealth planning and strategies for minimizing estate taxes for your clients. >> Read More


Business Valuations

We can provide business valuations no matter what the purpose. We have experience preparing in depth reports for family disputes or litigation, divorce, estate planning, buying or selling a business and more. >> Read More


Litigation Support and Expert Witness

Our Fresno CPA firm can review documents, prepare analyses and provide expert witness testimony related to estate and trust matters, fiduciary accounting, lost profits, business valuation and more. >> Read More


Receivership Services

We can act in the role of Receiver on behalf of State and Federal courts to help resolve legal matters. Our services have included managing, safeguarding and distributing the assets of the Receivership estate. >>Read More


Dispute Resolution

As CPAs and consultants, we have been often been asked to assist attorneys in their efforts to resolve family disputes, address questions and concerns about trust or estate management or participate in arbitration or mediation.

We work with attorneys and judges in San Jose, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego and throughout Central California. We also have an office in Nevada serving the Las Vegas area. Call us toll free at 1-877-71-TAXES to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation today.